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Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance; Images from Nebraska banknotes issued in the 1800s.
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Banking and Finance Statutesunderline

The following statutes are listed for informational purposes only and may not represent a complete list of statutes that are regulated or apply to banking and financial industries in the State of Nebraska.

Nebraska Laws regulated by the Financial Institutions Division
Acquisition or Merger of Financial Institutions
Bank Holding Companies
Bankers Banks
Banking: Nebraska Banking Act
Building and Loan Associations
Compliance Review
Credit Card Bank
Credit Report Protection Act
Credit Union Act
Currency Transactions (REPEALED)
Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act
Delayed Deposit Service Interpretative Opinions
Deposit of Securities
Disclosure of Confidential Information
Financial Data Protection & Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act of 2006
Installment Loan Act
Installment Sales Act
Interest Rates and Loans
Interstate Branching and Merger Act
Interstate Trust Company Office Act
Loans- Personal Loans by Banks and Trust Companies
Loans - Nebraska Loan Broker Act
Money Transmitters
Mortgage - Nebraska Foreclosure Protection Act
Mortgage - Residential Mortgage Licensing Act
Revolving Charge Agreements
Safety Deposit Boxes
Solicitation for Financial Products or Services
State-Federal Cooperation Acts; Capital Notes
Trust: Nebraska Trust Company Act

Nebraska Laws regulated by Securities Bureau
Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement Act
Nebraska Commodity Code
Nebraska Securities Act
Nebraska Seller Assisted Marketing Plan (SAMP Act)